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Bob Mumford

Bob Mumford

Chemist / Occupational Hygienist

A background in industrial chemistry; petroleum refining, water supply, power generation. Process monitoring and analysis were key elements of these roles.

Dealing with hazardous environments and materials led to health & safety roles & responsibilities. Qualified in health & safety to Masters level, specializing in Occupational Hygiene and building health. Consultant in these fields since 1993.
Volunteer ambulance officer/paramedic for 37 years.

Member of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry
Member of the New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society
Certified Corrosion Technologist
Technical Assessor in Asbestos in New Zealand & Australia.
Licensed Asbestos Assessor

Specialist analyst/consultant in: asbestos, solvents and vapours, dusts and fumes, noise exposure/dosimetry, noise compliance monitoring, heat stress, lighting/illumination surveys, indoor environment quality/healthy buildings/building related illness, drug detection, and others.

Param Singh

Param Singh

HealthSafe Regional Lab Manager

Param Singh has over 5 years of laboratory technical and management experience and is a degree qualified scientist who has studied Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, Environmental Science, Genetics, Biomolecules and Bioinformation.

Param gained significant experience working for one of the largest lab testing companies in Oceania and was an IANZ Key Technical Person (KTP) in the water and asbestos testing labs with responsibilities for staff training and supervision. As an accomplished KTP asbestos analyst he will oversee HealthSafe’s IANZ range of ISO17025 asbestos testing including, asbestos bulk analysis, semi-quantitative asbestos in soils testing, airborne fibre counting, density testing to determine friability and asbestos sampling, concurrent with building a potable water quality testing facility.

Param is looking forward to ensuring our continued excellent service delivery, developing and growing HealthSafe’s IANZ accredited lab capability and building lasting relationships with our key clients throughout New Zealand and particularly in Whangarei and Auckland.

Contacts: HealthSafe Monitoring & Consultancy


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